Tip for Substitutions

In my previous posts, I have added in a couple substitutions. I just wanted to share two them with you, so you can put them into your own recipes!


First, I replace oil with a healthier alternative, applesauce. I can’t tell you how many recipes I have replaced my homemade applesauce for oil. It doesn’t change the flavor of the recipe at all. The conversion rate is: 1 cup of applesauce to 1 cup of oil.

Secondly, honey instead of sugar. Honey is still really sweet, and has more vitamins and minerals.


“Up to one cup, honey can be substituted for sugar in equal amounts. For example, you can substitute 1/2 cup of honey for 1/2 cup of sugar called for in a recipe. Over one cup, use about 2/3-3/4 cup of honey for every cup of sugar. This is because honey is actually sweeter than sugar” This is Peachtree Road Farmers Market’s conversion rate.

Hope you like the substitutions – Comment if you want more substitution tips, and be sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified via email when I make more posts!

Till next time, Toodles!


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