Strawberry Watercolor Printable

Hey everyone! Let’s give Havalah from Sisters, What! a huge round of applause for helping me out while I’m on vacation and guest posting! Thanks Havalah!! <3
Hi there! My name is Havalah from Sisters, What! I’m so excited that I get to be here today. I love to be creative with sewing, crafting, painting, eating and playing with my little ones.

I also LOVE fruit. Summer is such a wonderful time when fruit is in season and the weather is hot. Today I have for you this fun strawberry watercolor printable. Perfect to put up for easy summer decoration:

Here is another one of my favorite printables, this pineapple watercolor. There is just something about water color that I just love. You can find it on my blog.


Here are some of my recent favorite projects
Thanks Colby for letting me stop by.



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