iOS 9 Tips and Tricks

iOS 9 tips and tricks

Apple just came out with iOS 9 yesterday (September 16th) and it’s awesome. (Of course there are some tweaks/issues so you might want to wait till iOS 9.01 which comes out in November when some of those things will be fixed)

Here are some cool tips and tricks to help you love the new update so much more!

  1. New Keyboard

iPhones and iPads got a new keyboard revamp – it’s cooler and sleeker than ever before. Apple is really going for the minimalist look.

iOS 9 tips

2. Notes

In Notes you can now DRAW (!!!) , add pictures and make text bolder or lighter, add bullet points, etc. It’s perfect for people who are using notes for classes!

iOS 9 update tips iOS 9 cool tricks


3. Showing Road Blocks

In maps, you can now see road blocks and what roads are closed as well as now being able to get directions for people taking subway routes!

iOS 9 tricks

     4. Passwords

You can now have 4, 6, Alphanumerical, or Custom passwords for people who think that 4 numbers just isn’t cutting it for security!

iOS 9 tricks tips

5. Batteries

Probably the most requested thing from Apple – you can now find out what’s using up all your battery!!!

iOS 9 hacks iOS 9 iphone tricks



6.  Low Battery Mode

You might have seen this in the previous post, but on low power mode it gets rid of background refresh and its totally amazing — when on your battery will turn yellow like this –

iphone iOS 9 hacks


Cool right?


7. New Siri

The new siri makes NO NOISE when you open her! That means no more annoying beeps in meetings or class! She also looks fairly different.

iOS 9 siri

Yup – pretty cool!


8. To get rid of apps you double tap like normal but you slide up on a different side.

iOS 9 hacks


9. Search

To go to search, you can either slide down:

iOS 9 search

or just slide to the left like it has been in previous versions.

iOS 9 search

Don’t pay attention to my thousands of un-read emails. :-/


11. Make buttons easier to see

iOS 9 buttons

Just turn on button shapes and for example, like above, General now has a gray arrow to give it more shape.

It doesn’t do anything but it looks kinda cool so why not!


13. Search in Settings

I can’t tell you how many times I have looked for something for what seemed like forever in Settings — now you can just search for what you want!!

iOS 9 settings


Anyway, I hope you like these new tricks and be sure to share with all your friends on Facebook!! iOS 9 really is pretty cool after you figure out how to use it. 🙂


XOXO, Colby


  1. The keyboard is excellent. Love the minimalist design. Was unaware of the drawing feature in notes. That is pretty cool. Actually ran across the road block feature in maps last night. There was an enormous traffic jam and I didn’t realize it. I wondered why the map was taking me somewhat out of the way to reach the destination (and why it had a red link on the original route). I found out why when I hit the back end of the traffic jam. Fortunately I was able to exit almost immediately because of the maps suggestion. Excellent feature.
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