How to Make Your Own Kombucha

Learn how to make your own kombucha

My friend came over to teach my mom and I how to make our own Kombucha. It’s really good for your health and tastes good!! You can learn about the good health benefits of kombucha here. Read more to learn how to make your own awesome drink!

What you will need:

A Quart Mason Jar

8-10 bags black tea (or any kind)

Gallon GLASS contianer

Hot water

Scoby – you can buy it here

Coffee Filter

Now! Let’s get started!!

First, you want to tamper the glass so that it doesn’t crack – after that fill the mason jar 3/4 of the way full with hot water.


Make Kombucha

Add 8-10 bags of black tea. You want to let it sit for 15 minutes.


DIY Kombucha


After 15 minutes have passed, grab a pair of gloves and SQUEEZE! You want to get all of the tea out of the bags.

Make Your Own Kombucha


Let it sit for a while until it becomes room temperature – this is really important!!! Add a cup of sugar into the mason jar.

How to make your own kombucha

Put all of the liquid into a gallon glass container **NOT METAL**



Then add some water until it is filled up to here:

make your own kombucha

Then, add the mother Scoby to the container – you can buy this on amazon or make your own!

How to make kombucha drink


The Mother is slimy!! Be careful when you are holding her, because you won’t want to drop or harm her.

Place her carefully into the glass container.

how to make kombucha on your own


Now pour the rest of the liquid that was in the container from the mother into the glass container.

make your own kombucha


You can smell it – it actually smells really good!

how to make kombucha drink diy

Now, cover the glass container with a coffee filter and a rubber band – this will let it breathe.

diy ginger kombucha

Now, let the kombucha sit in a dark corner for a week. If you want it to be less sweet, have it stay in the corner for a week and one day.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of what to do next with your Kombucha!

Click here to see part two: Coming soon!!

I hope you guys are enjoying making your own awesome Kombucha – it will taste superb!

XOXO, Colby


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  1. I’ll have to come back for Part 2. =0)

  2. Fist of all, you are super cute and I commend you on blogging at your age! Way to make me feel old, LOL. Second, what in the world is kombucha? Third, what in the world is scoby? Way to make me feel like I’ve been living under a rock, LOL.
    You got me intrigued enough to want to make it. So be sure to link up part 2 with us at Thursday Favorite Things and thank you for sharing part 1! Hugs 🙂
    All that’s Jas recently posted…Thursday Favorite Things Blog HopMy Profile

    • Haha! It’s this really good health drink! And scoby is a bacteria that you put in the drink that turns the sugar into alcohol (but it’s a little so you don’t have to be over 21) its really good!!

  3. I’m trying this out too! I just finished my 1st batch last week. Mine turned out drinkable, but too vinegar-y, probably because I let it go a full two weeks–it took that long for a new baby SCOBY to form. I’m going to ferment my current new batch for just a week and see if that tastes better. 🙂 Visiting from Frugal Friday…thanks for sharing!

  4. Super yummy recipe! This looks so amazing. Pinned and tweeted. We love to party with you, so I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm.. Have an amazing day! Lou Lou Girls
    Lou Lou Girls recently posted…Award Winning Hot Wing ChiliMy Profile

  5. Jann Olson says:

    Well, I must admit that I have never heard of this before. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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