DIY Sensory Box!

DIY Sensory Box!

Hey there everyone!! I have been missing for a while because of Spring break, but I’m back 🙂

Today’s DIY is a Sensory Box! It’s a super easy way to introduce new feelings and objects to kids. A lot of sensory boxes are expensive, from about $20 to – $40 dollars!! This one cost me nothing to make which is a win win for everyone!

Let’s get started!

[Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which help keep my blog running so I can buy more craft supplies 🙂 Thank you for helping my crafting!]

You will need:

1 shoe box


age appropriate objects



First, you want to cut 2 inches more fabric on each side than the shoebox.

diy sensory box

Then, glue down the sides:

diy sensory activity

Then, fold down the edges so it looks pretty:

diy sensory box easy


Grab your scissors and cut 2 slits in the box so that hands can reach in:

sensory box diy

Add some objects that are appropriate for the child’s age and let them play!

The kids loved this!

sensory box easy diy

I hope you your kids will enjoy it as much as mine do! Have a great week!

XOXO, Colby


DIY Sensory Box!

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