DIY Emergency Preparedness Kit

DIY Emergency Preparedness Kit

Hey everyone!

I was listening to a news report a while back about hurricanes and such, and started thinking about carrying a EPK (Emergency Preparedness Kit) with me in my purse.

It would have to be small enough to not take up a lot of room, yet large enough to fit some supplies in. Then it hit me! An Altoids box would be the perfect size!

I grabbed some containers at my local grocery store, emptied out the mints (Unpopular opinion: I think they taste bad!) and got to work.

Learn how to make your own EPK below!

First you will need:

Altoid tin

Tea Candle

Sand Paper

Wood Glue



Let’s get started!

First, take the tea candles out of the tin and pull out the wick and place that into the tin.

diy emergency kit


Then, melt the candle and pour it in the box. After you let it set, you will want to smooth it out – so that it doesn’t become lumpy like mine is.

diy emergency preparedness kit

Now you will need something to light the candle with.

Take some matches and your wood glue and place them in a line at the lid of the tin. Then glue over the edges making sure to get it on the tin as well.

diy emergency preparedness

While that is drying, glue some sandpaper on next to the matches – this will be used to light the match.

diy emergency kits

Add a label and Voila! You have your very own emergency kit! It’s simple to keep in your purse and  large enough to burn for a while!

DIY emergency preparedness kit

Hope you love this as much as I do!

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XOXO, Colby



DIY Emergency Preparedness Kit

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