DIY Washi Tape Door

DIY Washi Tape Door Decor

Hey everyone!

I was thinking about some cute door decor that I could do that wouldn’t take too long, or cost too much, but still add that personalization to it. I have really been into hexagons the past couple months and I love how it comes together to look like a bee hive! I found the perfect fit for my door and I smile every time I see it!

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Here’s what you will need:

Yellow Washi Tape

Construction Paper

or Big Sticky Notes


Okay! Let’s get started!
First, cut out your template – use your ruler!! I tried to eyeball it but it turned out really bad, so the second time I used my ruler and it looked great. 🙂

I love using big sticky notes for this because if you cut it at the top, you have sticky-ness at the top and you don’t have to put tape on the back of the template.


Place your template on the door and place the washi tape around it.

washi tape art

This is the washi tape I used – it has some nice florals to it and it’s not toooooo yellow! The link to washi tape above will take you to this pretty pretty tape! 🙂

diy washi tape decor

I did seven hexagons, but it will still look really good if you do more or fewer!

dit door decor with washi tape

I love how this turned out!!!

What do you think? Would you do this to your door? Please share this post if you love this project as much as I do!!!!!

Here is a Pinnable image:

DIY Washi Tape Door

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Be sure to comment and to share this post if you liked it!!



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