DIY Washi Tape Charger Identifier

diy charger marker

Hey everyone!!

Today, I am sharing a pretty simple tutorial, but it can help a ton! I am always getting in trouble for loosing and taking other people in my family’s chargers. I had to figure out a way so I’m not mis-placing mine all the time. After I finally found mine, I had to mark it somehow so that I could tell which one is mine, and I am not taking others!

I recently went to Snap Conference, and got these super cute washi tapes!

I chose to do a mix of all of the colors. I only did the ends, so you can still tell right away that they are mine, but you could do the whole thing.

Let’s get started!

First, find the right cord. After all, the reason I am marking the charger is so that I’m not taking others!

iphone 5 charger marker

Second, take your washi tape:

diy washi tape charger

and choose your colors!

Then, rip off about an inch of washi tape and wrap it around the cord.

After you have done both ends, it will look like this:

diy charger cord marker

Awesome right? Yay! You now will never get it confused with someone else!

**The cord will move, and eventually it will start to peel the washi tape. A way to fix this is to take some clear tape and wrap that around the cord on top of the wash tape. It will make it stronger, but it won’t be able to move as much.

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial!!

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diy charger marker

Thanks so much for reading!!


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