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Hey everyone!

I am so excited to show you how to make your own DIY new baby gift! There is going to be a new baby in my family soon, and I can’t wait to meet her! I wanted to make something homemade, but that would be able to fit into the theme of the room.

Let’s get started on making this burlap baby gift!

You will need:
Embroidery Kit from Shop Laura kelly

That’s it! The thing that is awesome about this kit from Shop Laura Kelly is that everything you need to make this project is included in the kit! With this kit, every other step in this tutorial is a breeze!

shop laura kelly

These are the supplies that come in the kit!

First, you are going to take your burlap and make a baby outline. I had this nice peach color, so i used the extra to fill in the circle to make a head. I used blue to make eyes, red to make a smile and nice pink to make the outline of the blanket bundle.

diy embroidery baby

diy baby gift newborn

Then, I stitched the words “You are my” in a baby blue.

diy baby gift for newborns

You can see here the importance of a nice double stitch. I went over it twice and it really makes the words pop now.

diy sewing baby gift

Makes a huge difference right?!

Then, I wrote the word “Sunshine” in a nice yellow – I added a yellow button as well for the “i”.

*I also added hair to show that it’s a baby girl, but thats optional!

With the blanket, fill it in with any colors you’d like – I like how this turned out with the burlap, blue, pink, and purple. There is not really any rhyme or reason, just do what you think looks good! 🙂

diy baby gifts crafts

Then, take some of the leftover string and 2 clothespins and attach it to the string.

diy baby gifts

Cute right?

Be sure to check out all the amazing things at Shop Laura Kelly!

Here is a pinnable image for sharing:

DIYNew Baby Gift!

Thanks everyone!

XOXO, Colby



Full disclosure: I was given free product for this post, but I only promote products I love. Laura Kelly is an amazing artist, and as friends, I love to be able to support her new shop!

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