Don’t Judge Challenge? How about #Beautiful The Way I Am Challenge!

Hey everyone!

My phone has been blowing up with this “# don’t judge challenge” – It’s all over social media. It has over 2,200,000 million tweets about it in less than a month. If you haven’t heard about it, before you read the rest of this post, please watch an example of it HERE. Basically, people draw on their faces with sharpie to make fake acne, unibrow, gapped teeth, glasses, etc. and then “reveal” themselves with makeup and the trendiest clothing on.

Read the instagram post here!!

Now, I want to share my “# don’t judge challenge”. But instead of showing you at my “worst” and best, I’m showing you me – beautiful, strong me. I think we should all stop focusing on our flaws and realize that we are flaw-less.

Watch my #dontjudgechallenge video here!


You, reading this, are an amazing person that is perfect the way you are. No one should ever tell you otherwise. If your feeling lonely, depressed, sad, etc. know that people out there love you and you are also a beautiful, strong you.

So instead of # don’t judge challenge, let’s try the #beautifulthewayiamchallenge Join in by taking a video or picture of yourself and tag me and use the hashtag – let’s start a revolution of people who love themselves for who they are, not for who others want them to be. Because you are beautiful inside and out.

Please share this with your friends and let’s spread the word about #beautifulthewayiamchallenge !




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  1. I’m usually not this emotional, but I’m tearing up over here! That’s exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for posting such an encouraging message.
    Lauren @ Grace, Faith, & Glitter recently posted…8 Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your GirlfriendsMy Profile

  2. I love this idea so much, thank you for sharing and once I have done the 30 day challenge I am currently doing I will definitely give this one a go. xx
    Paige Weatherall recently posted…My Winter EssentialsMy Profile

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