15 Best Subscription Boxes

Hey everyone! Here are the top 15 subscription boxes to start of the year right! From DIY boxes to Doggy packages, these subscription boxes are all the best of the best – Let’s get started!

1. Darby Smart – A DIY monthly box. I’m a designer!


How Much: $19 monthly

Past Hauls: Metal stamping kit, Wood burned cutting boards, Ink Blot Coasters, etc.

Pros: Sends you all the supplies you need to make awesome projects!

Cons: Takes a week when you order 2 day shipping

2. Sock Panda – A monthly sock box. This box sends you SOCKS!!!! Who wouldn’t want this??


How Much: $12 monthly

What you get: One pair of awesome socks!

Pros: You will get a different pair than your BFF who also ordered this – their all different!

Cons: ?? They are SOCKS!

3.  BarkBox – a box for dogs!


How Much: $29 a month

Past Hauls: Chew toys, bones, etc.

Pros: It’s for your dog!

4. Loot Crate – a box for gamers!


How Much: $13.37 a month

Past Hauls: Galactica theme, Hero theme, Zombie theme

Pros: Sends you a ton of stuff for not all that much!

Cons: If you aren’t a gamer (Like me) you won’t understand anything that you are getting.

5. Try the World – for all the foodies!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.01.58 PM

How Much: $39 a box

Past Hauls: Paris box, Istanbul box, Rome box

Pros: Lots and lots of other cultures food!

6. Creator Box – for all the engineers!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.13.43 PM

How Much: $19.95

Past Hauls: Catapult, Windmill, Driverless car, etc.

Pros: Learn how to build awesome stuff

Cons: Meant for kids/teens

7. Artisan Box – help the world AND get cool products!


How Much: $29.99 a month

Past Hauls: Necklace from beads and seeds, traditional music instrument, slinky bracelet etc.

Pros: Helps the world!

8. BoCandy – get candy from around the world!


How Much: $15 a month

Past Hauls: A TON of awesome candy!!

Pros: Candy!!

9. Blind Surprise – get sent mystery gifts!


How Much: $25

Past Hauls: ?? It’s a mystery!

10. MistoBox – for the coffee lover!


How Much: $21 a shipment

Past Hauls: You can choose what kind you like! Strong, light, or if you don’t know, let them pick it!

11. Green Kid Crafts – for the person who likes crafts, but also like to recycle!


How Much: $19.95 a month

Past Hauls: 3-4 different STEM kits a month

12.  Dollar Shave Club – Awesome and cheap for the guy on your list!


How Much: $1 a month!

Past Hauls: Razors

13. Ipsy – for the makeup lover!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.49.28 PM

How Much: $10 a month

14. The Hot Sauce Club – For the spicy foodie!


How Much: $25 a month!

Past Hauls: Hot Sauce!

15.  Happy Mail – for the stationary lover.


How Much: $15 a month

Past Hauls: Awesome Stationary!

Extra! Extra!

16. Pop sugar Must Have Box! This box is Ah-MAZING!


How Much: $39.95 a month!

I hope you like all the ones I have chosen! Comment below if I missed any!


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