10 Crafts You Can Do In Under 20 Minutes

Have you ever see these cute crafts, but they take years (it seems like) to make them? My favorite kind of crafts are fast crafts, so I created a round-up for you so check out some of my favorites! Enjoy!!



I “Donut” know what I would do with out this necklace! (hehehehe) Check it out here!



This is so cute!! The best part is that it only takes a couple minutes!! Click here


This crown is adorable!! It would be great for a birthday! Click Here

prayer journals_zpseodfy5d8


This Prayer Journal is so cute and WAY cheaper than buying one!! Click Here


I use to do this in grade school all the time!! Click Herediy-index-divers_zpsdc50b8df

I love this! Organizing my binder would be soooo easier! Click Here


This would be perfect for any bedroom!!! Click Here



Perfect for a guest bathroom!! Click Here!


How cute is this Teacher Appreciation Craft?? Click Here

Easy Mason Jar Utensil Holders- Easy to Make, Easy to Decorate

Easy Mason Jar Utensil Holders- Easy to Make, Easy to Decorate

This would be perfect for a 4th of July party! Click Here


These are all so adorable and I hope you love all these ideas as much as I do!!


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XOXO, Colby

Did you like this?
Comment below and tell me what your favorite is!


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