DIY Painted Rocks

rock diy

Hey everyone!

Today, I am going to show you how you can make your own painted rocks. These rocks are perfect for a paperweight, a father’s day gift, or a way to add more pizzaz to your garden!

Let’s get started!!

A big thanks to HomeRight for sponsoring this post! {Full Disclosure: I was given awesome tools for this post, but ALL thoughts and options are mine 🙂 }

You will need:

Home Right Digital Temperature Heat Gun



Glass Dish

First, you need to wash your rocks off. I found mine in my front yard! Be sure you get your rocks from somewhere you are allowed to take from.

Then, heat your Heat Gun to 600˚F and move it around the rock(s) for a couple minutes.

diy painted rocks

It’s really easy to adjust the temperature with this machine, the + and – make the heat go up and down up to 1000˚F!! That’s a powerful machine!

heat gun diy

****It is a hot rock!! Please do NOT touch it with your bare hands! You will get burnt! Also, please always remember to wear eye protection and heat resistant gloves while using the heat gun.



Now, grab those crayons and get drawing! Some crayons melt on contact while others take a little bit, but your design will turn out great!

painted rocks

I mostly just doodled on the rocks (which I think looks great) but if you really want to do designs or write words on the rocks, you will want to find lighter colored, flat rocks. This will make it *much* easier.

diy paperweight

Yay! These are looking great! I can’t wait to start using them and giving them to my friends as paperweights!

painted rocks diy


painted paperweight

A big thanks to Home Right for sponsoring this post – you can find more of their products here!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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DIYRock Painting



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