80’s Retro Ribbons Barrettes

Hey there! I am Candace from LuckyScarf and I am psyched to guest posting for Colby today. You can find me at LuckyScarf.com where I blog about DIY projects, decor, being a mom to a tweener and a teen and I also do custom embroidery work!

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Sometimes, certain things come back around into style again, and if you were of the age to witness the first incarnation, the “latest and greatest” newer incarnation can make you cringe.

Case in point, overalls…um, no. Do.Not.Do.It. Unless you are a legit farmer in the field, do not wear them!

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Gift Giving LOVE with Expressionery and World Market

Hello Love Joy Glitter readers!  It’s Laura Kelly here from Me and My INKlings guest posting for the ExpressioneryWRAPS campaign with World Market and Expressionery.  Giving great gifts is even better when they are wrapped up with love and creativity.  Between the awesomeness from World Market and the custom stamp line I designed for Expressionery, it is easy to create a fabulous gift with a personal touch….like this one.


Truth, I love the shopping part.  There are TONS of great things to buy at World Market from littly gifty items to fantastic furniture, foods and decor.  This sign has one of my favorite messages and I think spreading good messages through gifting is a great thing.  So I bought it.  I am wrapping it up with this awesome chalkboard wrapping paper (also from World Market).


If you know me, you know I am not into plain so of course I am adding to it.  World Market has a HUGE variety of gift wrapping selections but my favorites are the ribbons.  Of the ribbons, the apple green gets me every time.  Look how amazing this is with the ribbon.  Simple but beautiful.


And about that awesome gift tag!  My line of custom self-inking stamps from Expressionery is so much fun!  This is one of the ones I love best!  These handmade paper heart notes are from World Market and work great with the stamps.


My final wrapping touch was to paint a message on the paper.  It is the BEST surface for painting or writing with chalk.  If you are using chalk, the message writing works better BEFORE the wrapping.

There are tons of great ways to mix it up with Laura Kelly stamps for Expressionery and World Market. Check out the others here…

And enter to win this amazing prize…a $250 VISA gift card, a custom stamp and a $100 gift card to World Market.

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Have fun creating!  Come visit me sometime on my blog!



Glitter Home Decor

While I was at SNAP, I met some amazing women. Madge is so nice and welcoming and I am so happy to have her guest post today 🙂

Do you love to DIY? How about DIY home decor? Then this is the post for you!! Today I have a super quick and easy Home Decor Project that costs less than $5.00 to make! Yes, you read that right less than $5.00 I just love quick and easy home decor projects. My name is Madge and I am an eclectically focused crafter! You can find me at Madge’s Scrappin’ Lounge sipping’ on a cold Diet Coke, listening to the 80’s crafting my life away almost any day of the week! I love all things crafty and I make love to make things pretty with glitter!

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World Traveler Water Bottle

Dozens of other vinyl projects with Expressions Vinyl

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be a part of this Expressions Vinyl Blog Hop!

Today I am going to show you how to make a travel water bottle. It’s super easy and fast and it takes about 10 minutes to make.

Let’s get started!

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Blueberry Biscuits!

Thank you so much Shannon for guest posting for me today while I am out on vacation!

Howdy Love Joy & Glitter readers! I am Shannon from Bohemian Junktion, and I am so excited to be here. I love things with a soul.


Things with a soul is food, salvage, things you inherit, and vacations. All those things that bring back memories. All those things that you make you stop and say “remember when”. For me many things bring back memories, so I thought I’d share them with my readers. You can keep up by following me on facebook, twitter, intstagram, and pinterest.

You are going to LOVE these biscuits! They are so delicious so I had to share them with you. This was a biscuit recipe I found in some old recipes I had collected from about 15 years ago. I did tweak it a little to make these AMAZING biscuits. What makes them even more delicious is that they are topped with a tasty glaze that keeps them moist and balances out the flavors.

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