DohVinci Frames – Kid Craft

Yay! I am so excited to have Sarah from Bombshell Bling here today! Thank you so much Sarah! <3

DohVinci Frames Kid Craft

Good morning! My name is Sarah, and I blog at Bombshell Bling. I am excited to be here today to share a fun kid craft that my kids can I did together last week using DohVinci, which is basically PlayDoh in a glue gun type of tool. I know that Colby shared a fun Andy Warhol Art idea for Father’s Day that was also made using DohVinci.

I didn’t think that my little ones were really old enough to use DohVinci, especially my three year old, but they loved it! I do think that the ideal demographic for DohVinci would be somewhere around 8-14 year old girls. My middle school self would have lost her mind over DohVinci! Truly. 🙂 We used the basic DohVinci tools and the color mixer that I got in the mail to try with them.

DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-3

To make your own DohVinci frame all you need is the DohVinci supplies of your choice and an unfinished wooden frame. The cheapest place by far to get basic unfinished wooden frames is Walmart. We painted one of them, but my son wanted his “wood colored,” so I left that one alone.

DohVinci Kid Craft Frames

I helped get the kids set up and I just let them do their thing!

DohVinci Kid Craft Frames-3

My son really enjoyed the color mixer. He is only six, so he did need some help doing it, but he loved the swirled colors that it created.

DohVinci Kid Craft Frames-5 DohVinci Frames Kid Craft DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-2

My daughter loved the stamp-like tips that were in one of the kits, which she could use to make shapes on her frame.

DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-5 DohVinci Kid Craft Frames-4

Once your little ones are done creating leave the frames out to harden/dry. Then throw some pictures in them and display proudly!

DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-7 DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-8 DohVinci Frames Kid Craft-6

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