DIY Sunset Art

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the long long break with no posts – but now I’m back!

Today, I am so excited to show you how to make your own sunset art using DohVinci – DohVinci is a cool craft that is like a soft, squeezable dough that is in a tube to make some really cool art!

Every year I go to this beach and it always has the prettiest sunsets!  While I was there I was trying to think of some art I could do that would remind me of the beach even when I wasn’t there. I love the texture and how easy breezy it is to create art with DohVinci, so that’s what I used to make my ‘masterpiece’!

What you will need:

DohVinci (This one is *perfect*!!)

Tile or some sort of hard material (like this)

I started with a template and a square (tile or firm poster board works great!) and got to work.

Here is the template I used (feel free to print it out and use it for yours as well):

diy sunset art

I first squeezed the outlined the sun in a orange on the tile so that my sunset lines could go around it. I recommend sketching it onto whatever surface you use before you start so that you can see where you are placing everything.

I mixed colors using this super cool blender tool You can blend and create new colors with the color mixer so feel free to blend as you like!

sunset art diy

How cool is this color mixer?? You just squeeze the ‘doh’ in the tube and voila! You can make super awesome color combos!


diy beach art

I did about 3/4 inch of pink and then used the color mixer to add some orange, and did about 3/4 inch of that,

then blended orange and yellow and did about 3/4 inch of that,

then blended yellow and green and did about 3/4 inch of that,

then blended green with aqua and did about 3/4 inch of that,

then blended finally with aqua and blue and then finish the bottom off at blue!


I then filled in the sun with yellow/orange.

IMG_6012IMG_6011diy sunset

How awesome does this look!? It didn’t take very long and the outcome is awesome. I love it and I can’t wait to hang it up  in my room (Room reveal post here!)

dohvinci projects


Thanks again to DohVinci for sponsoring this post!


XOXO, Colby


{Full disclosure: I was provided with free product for this post – but all opinions are mine – I wouldn’t recommend products I don’t love or use! This post also has affiliate  links in it.  This helps keep my blog running, so thanks for helping my crafting!} 

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