DIY Teen Girl Room Reveal!

diy teen girls room

Hi everyone!

Since I moved to this new house, I have been wanting to decorate my room, but with a busy teen high school year, I just didn’t have the time!

I have teamed up with Cut It Out! to bring you this post – they sent me frames from my Cut It Out collection for free, but I already used their frames in the past and love them.

When you buy my Cut It Out Collection, everything you need to create an amazing teen room comes shipped to you! It’s super easy breezy to get and your teens are sure to thank you for their AMAZING new room decor!

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Paint Party!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m so excited to be sharing with you a paint party that I did with Social Artworking!

Social Artworking is the perfect way to spend a day. They have lots and lots of beautiful designs to paint to choose from, and with their help, your painting is sure to turn out amazing! The design I picked out is “Going Dutch”  because tulips are my favorite flower.

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Strawberry Watercolor Printable

Hey everyone! Let’s give Havalah from Sisters, What! a huge round of applause for helping me out while I’m on vacation and guest posting! Thanks Havalah!! <3
Hi there! My name is Havalah from Sisters, What! I’m so excited that I get to be here today. I love to be creative with sewing, crafting, painting, eating and playing with my little ones.

I also LOVE fruit. Summer is such a wonderful time when fruit is in season and the weather is hot. Today I have for you this fun strawberry watercolor printable. Perfect to put up for easy summer decoration:

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80’s Retro Ribbons Barrettes

Hey there! I am Candace from LuckyScarf and I am psyched to guest posting for Colby today. You can find me at where I blog about DIY projects, decor, being a mom to a tweener and a teen and I also do custom embroidery work!

photo (1)


Sometimes, certain things come back around into style again, and if you were of the age to witness the first incarnation, the “latest and greatest” newer incarnation can make you cringe.

Case in point, overalls…um, no. Do.Not.Do.It. Unless you are a legit farmer in the field, do not wear them!

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Glitter Home Decor

While I was at SNAP, I met some amazing women. Madge is so nice and welcoming and I am so happy to have her guest post today 🙂

Do you love to DIY? How about DIY home decor? Then this is the post for you!! Today I have a super quick and easy Home Decor Project that costs less than $5.00 to make! Yes, you read that right less than $5.00 I just love quick and easy home decor projects. My name is Madge and I am an eclectically focused crafter! You can find me at Madge’s Scrappin’ Lounge sipping’ on a cold Diet Coke, listening to the 80’s crafting my life away almost any day of the week! I love all things crafty and I make love to make things pretty with glitter!

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