DIY Lush Bath Jellies

DIY Bath Jellies

Hey Guys! Joslyn here, from! Colby and I decided to collab a bit, and we both made a bath related DIY! To go check out what she made, head over to my blog! I’m very excited to be here! 🙂

So… Let’s get started!

Bath Jellies are superrrrr fun. But.. are more on the pricy side. Lush sells ones, that range from $7+! I know it may not seem like a lot at first, but each product doesn’t come with a lot. Which is why I wanted to show you guys how to make something just like it! Here’s how you can make your own, at a fraction of the price. Let’s get started!

What You Will Need-

diy bath jelly

Gelatine. This is what created the jelly like feel!
Glitter (Completely Optional)
Food Coloring (Again, Optional)
Hot Water
Essential Oils (Yet Again, Optional)
Liquid Soap (Or shampoo, body wash, conditioner, you get the point….)
Container (I chose this lil glass jar. Tupperware will work, or even a mold!)

Step 1.

DIY bath jellies

This step depends on what your gelatin packet suggests. I decided to make 2/4 of the packets, and 1 cup per packet. So all together, I used 2 packets of gelatin, and 2 cups of water! Now, Stir until completely dissolved.
Step 2.

diy lush products

Add 1 Teaspoon of salt. Again, stir until completely dissolved.

Step 3.

diy lush jelly

Add ½ a cup of your soap. I chose unscented dish soap, which is why later, i’ll be adding an essential oil. Once again, mix mix mix.

Step 4.

diy lush jelly

Now, add food coloring if desired. I wanted the green color, a little more vibrant which is why I added it.

Step 5.

diy shower jelly

Add your glitter, and essential oils if wanted. Both are optional! A little goes along way.

Step 6.

diy lush shower jelly

Fill into your mold, or jar. Now just set them in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. You’ll know when their dry, when they don’t have a watery of slimy consistency.

Step 7.

diy bath jelly lush

Pop the jellies out of your mold/jar and enjoy! Remember, these are liquid, so be sure to refrigerate after your done. Yay!

I hope you all enjoyed this little DIY! 🙂 Be sure to check out my blog, to see what Colby created. Have a fabulous day!

Remember To Stay Brave,



Thanks Joslyn for the awesome post – I can’t wait to make this! I love how easy it is and how great the end result is. <3 Love it!

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