BYBC Conference Recap

The Blogger Network Recap!

Hey everyone!

I just got back this weekend from the most amazing conference in the world, BYBC! (If you follow me on Instagram, you know this ūüėÄ ) BYBC is the Build Your Blog Conference – a place where over 700 bloggers get together to learn. I had amazing fun and I learned tons. I would recommend this conference to ANYONE!!

I am so excited to have met such amazing people and new friends! I was really nervous, but it turned out to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back next year!

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The Best 15 Things to do in Paris!

The 15 Best Things to do in Paris!

Hey there! I got the amazing opportunity to travel a while back to Paris with my mom and some friends. I was able to stay 2 1/2 weeks there and it was absolutely the trip of a lifetime! With 2 1/2 weeks in Paris, I got to¬†experience a ton¬†of Paris. So, today I am going to share with you the best 15 things to do on your Paris trip! [Read more…]

The ULTIMATE Link Party List!

The Ultimate Link Party List!

Hey there! So, I love visiting other blog’s link parties and looking at all the good ideas. Because we just moved, I actually have gotten a lot my decor ideas from parties. They are super fun and there are so many out there! So I compiled a list of my favorites for you! [Read more…]

8 More Free Winter Fonts!

8 More Free Winter Fonts!

Hey there! Here are 8 more¬†awesome free fonts! [Read more…]


Hey there! Now many of you might know this, but I just got done with a huge move. Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 4.29.17 PM ¬† And I’m not going to go into details for why, but I had to pack and move in a week and a 1/2. [Read more…]