Actor Survival Kit!

Awesome Actor Survival Kit!

Hey there everybody! Today, I am going to show you how to make the Ultimate Actor Survival Kit! My BFF is in a musical, and her opening night is coming soon, so I wanted to make her something SUPER special, because as all actors know, getting those flowers and gifts on opening night is awesome!! As an actress, I was thinking of everything I love to put in my locker for backstage boredom, remedies for sore throats, and when I get home from a long night of rehearsal. Here is everything you need to put together a Actor Survival Kit!

First, print off this amazing label!


Then collect some things to put in your Actor Survival Kit! I put in:

Tea Packets – I can not stress how amazing tea is to soothe a throat after you have just been belting your heart out!

Notepad – Everybody needs something to do backstage!

Pen – so that you can doodle!

Water – When you have mics on you can only drink water, so water is a necessity in a Actor Survival Kit!

Throat Lozenges – Love these for those Intermissions 🙂

Sea Salt Scrub – Everybody wants a sea salt scrub after working hard on stage!

Eye Pillow – For when you have to wait 2-3 hours till you get ready for the next show. Go to sleep!

Put this all into a bag and you are ready to go! I added a bow to the top for a little extra Pa-Zaz!

Awesome Actor Survival Kit!

This is such an amazing gift and I am sure the person you give this to will love it!

Liv if you are reading this – BREAK A LEG!!

XOXO, Coco


  1. What an awesome idea! As a former Drama Clubber, I love it!

  2. How wonderful! I am a professional actor, and I direct and teach theater for kids, and these are great and considerate ideas!

  3. Aw, what a sweet friend you are! I used to do drama in highschool and this would have been so fun to get. 🙂

  4. Dank für die Kommentare! Google Translate ist nicht die beste zu mir zu sagen, genau das, was Sie gesagt haben – aber ich schätze Sie kommentieren!


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