80’s Retro Ribbons Barrettes

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Sometimes, certain things come back around into style again, and if you were of the age to witness the first incarnation, the “latest and greatest” newer incarnation can make you cringe.

Case in point, overalls…um, no. Do.Not.Do.It. Unless you are a legit farmer in the field, do not wear them!

Just Say No!

Just Say No!

The other trend, I can’t get behind is Pantone’s color 2015, Marsala. You can read all about my adoration for Marsala, here.

HOWEVER, there are certain things from the past that are super cute and when they get resurrected, you can only wish you were of the appropriate age to rock them out. That would be these cute barretttes!

Retro 80s Ribbon Barrettes

80s Barrettes (1)

I adored these things when I was a kid! Now, I’ve made them for my daughter and her friend, both age 10, and they have deemed them “cool”. (A mom victory!)

Here’s how to make them!

Retro 80s Ribbon Barrettes


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Split barrettes, like these:


1/8 inch grosgrain ribbon, 2 colors per barrette, 2 yards per barrette:

and sharp scissors – these are my new favorite, and I am hiding them from my kids!

Here’s all you do:

1. Cut one length of ribbon in each color, approximately one yard in length.



2. Slide each length of ribbon into the barrette so half is on each side. **Make sure that the clip part of the barrette is facing up, and where you start – this is so the end of the barrette tail ends on the non-clipping side**



3. Take the right hand ribbon and weave it through to the left side, and then take the left hand ribbon and weave it through the middle of the barrette to the right side.



4. Continue alternating colors, and weaving through the middle. The beginning is the toughest part, and you have to hold onto the ribbon to keep it in place.



Continue on to the end of the barrette, and then knot each ribbon in a square knot, leaving the hanging tails. Trim the tails to an equal length:




That’s it! Aren’t they cute? You could add beads to the ends of the ribbons, or make them in school colors. What do you think? Are you ready to rock the 80s?

Thanks to Colby for letting me guest post while she’s off on her fab vacation (I want her gig!). She’s a super sweetheart, but I kind of hate her because she won the Babylock sewing machine at SNAP Conference. (Kidding, kind of! She’s a doll – but I wanted to win! 😉 ) Make sure you pop over to visit me at LuckyScarf!



  1. Oh my goodness… I remember these! Thank you for the fun trip down memory lane! Hugs, Holly
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