5 Best Felt Craft Projects

Felt is one of my favorite materials. You can make so many awesome things out of it – and its fun for kids and adults to play with. Felt is awesome! So today, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite Felt Craft projects — and they are totally amazing!

1. My favorite! This cute “Hello” Wall Art with Felt Flowers.

How adorable! You see the entry in the Craftys here.

2.  This cute Hot Dog Costume!


What a cutie – patootie!! You can see the entry in the Craftys here.

3.  This awesome Halloween Wreath


See the entry from the Craftys here.

4. This cool Star Trek Laptop Sleeve


Check out the entry here.

5. This cute vegetable garden!


Perfect for little gardeners! The entry is here.
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Happy crafting!!


XOXO, Colby


  1. Thanks for including my laptop sleeve! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my hoop art!

  3. Very cool! I am reaching out to sites I like and want to see if you would provide feedback on my etching supplies if I sent them to you free. Can you let me know if you are interested by email? These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I would really appreciate it Eric

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